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BASF adopts polymeric flame retardant flame retardant for EPS insulation product in China
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Written by Global Insulation staff
25 February 2016

China: BASF has adopted a polymeric flame retardant for Neopor in China. It has replaced the flame retardant hexabromo­cyclododecane (HBCD) with PolyFR in its white expandable polystyrene insulation product.

“There is a greater need than ever for energy efficiency in the commercial and residential construction sectors, and EPS insulation materials like Neopor have the right properties to serve this need. Additionally, with the switch to PolyFR, we are now ensuring that the thermal insulation products are suitable for a wide range of sustainable building projects in the future. These high-quality materials can help developers address the increasing market requirements for energy efficient living and working spaces while ensuring regulatory compliance,” said Giorgio Greening, Senior Vice President of BASF’s global styrene foams business unit.

PolyFR is already used as an effective flame retardant in BASF’s portfolio of polystyrene-based insulation materials worldwide, including the Neopor range used in Europe, North America and China. As the first manufacturer in Europe and the first in Korea to switch entirely to PolyFR, BASF is now the first to do so in China.

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